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Release Date: 21/05/2010


Time To Be King is the fourth studio album by the band. It is their third album with original singer J?rn Lande, the first since his original departure in 2006, and the last before his final departure in 2012. He left the band in 2006 for the first time, citing musical differences as the reason.
The album features a rawer and less complex sound than the previous albums but still with Masterplan’s progressive and melodic power metal trademarks. Lead singer J?rn Lande had a major contribution to the songwriting, he wrote some of the music and all the lyrics for the songs. Also keyboardist Axel Mackenrott took part as one of the main songwriters and brought the ideas for songs like Time To Be King and Blue Europa. Roland Grapow said Axel is now “totally filling the shoes of Uli (Kusch) and he has a very familiar style of writing that I love so much and it?s very important for the band.”
The band had some problems to do live shows in the time the album was released due to some of the band members other commitments. This resulted in the departure of bass player Jan S. Eckert, drummer Mike Terrana and once again singer J?rn Lande from the band.

  • J?rn Lande – vocals
  • Roland Grapow – guitars
  • Jan S. Eckert – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Mike Terrana – drums
  • Axel Mackenrott – Keyboards

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1. Fiddle Of Time
  •  Lyrics
2. Blow Your Winds
  •  Lyrics
3. Far From The End Of The World
4. Time To Be King
  •  Lyrics
5. Lonely Winds of War
6. The Dark Road
7. The Sun Is In Your Hands
8. The Black One
9. Blue Europa
10. Under The Moon
11. Kisses From You (Bonus Track)