Masterplan – Keep Your Dream aLive – DVD/CD/Blu-ray


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Masterplan – Keep Your Dream aLive – DVD/CD

In 2002,?MASTERPLAN?was founded by?Roland Grapow?and?Uli Kusch, who both just split ways with Helloween. This new band should turn into a force to be reconned with very quickly: the debut album ?Masterplan? made a huge impact on the scene in early 2003. Four highly-acclaimed studio albums were following within the next 10 years. Now?MASTERPLAN?finally release a Live album, available as BluRay/CD and DVD/CD sets, incl. the full Masters Of Rock 2013 show, the Wacken 2014 show, footage from Asia tour, footage from Prog Power Atlanta festival and all (5) official?MASTERPLAN?video clips. The Masters Of Rock 2014 show is featured on the CD.

Video sample:?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZRKm4WQfUM


1. Enlighten Me
2. Spirit Never Die
3. Lost And Gone
4. Crystal Night
5. Betrayal
6. Crimson Rider
7. Back For My Life
8. Time To Be King
9. Keep Your Dream Alive
10. Heroes
11. Soulburn
12. Kind Hearted Light
13. Crawling From Hell
14. Black Night Of Magic


Main Part: Masters Of Rock Show
1. Intro
2. Enlighten Me
3. Spirit Never Die
4. Lost And Gone
5. Crystal Night
6. Betrayal
7. Crimson Rider
8. Back For My Life
9. Time To Be King
10. Keep Your Dream Alive
11. Heroes
12. Soulburn
13. Kind Hearted Light
14. Crawling From Hell


Extra 1: Wacken Show

1. Special: Wacken
2. Heroes
3. Keep Your Dream Alive
4. Crystal Night
5. Soulburn
6. Spirit Never Die


Extra Track 2: Asia

1. Special: Asia
2. Soulburn
3. Heroes


Extra Track 3: Atlanta

1. Special: Atlanta
2. Black Night Of Magic


Extra Track 4: Official Videos

1. Enlighten Me
2. Back For My Life
3. Lost And Gone
4. Time To Be King
5. Keep Your Dream Alive